VertMatch snaps the vertices of one object to the vertices of another. This can be filtered by distance, and limited to selected vertices. You can also conform verts to the surface of a target object.

Usage: Select the object whose vertices you want to snap. Click the "Match" button, and then pick the object you want to match verts to. If nothing happens, increase the threshold and try again.

To affect only the selected verts, choose "Selected Vertices" (default). To affect all verts, choose "All Vertices". VertMatch matches each vertex to the vertex in the target mesh closest to its own location.

"Conform" moves the vert along its normal (in both directions) such that it snaps to the surface of the target object. If no surface is found, it isn't moved. This function respects the threshold and filter radiobuttons.

Installation: Simply drag-and-drop onto the Max viewport. The script is found under the "PatJS" category.

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