Turbosmooth Tools is a pretty straightforward tool designed to greatly speed up manipulation of turbosmooth modifiers on a range of objects.

Usage: Simply select one or more objects, and use the buttons to perform the desired action. By default, this action will be applied to all turbosmooth modifiers on the stack, but this behavior can be changed via the radiobuttons at the bottom of the panel. First will go through the entire stack and affect only the first turbosmooth modifier seen, while top will only affect those turbosmooth modifiers that are on top of the stack.

"First" is useful when you have a bend modifier or an FFD on top of a set of turbosmoothed objects, and "Top" is useful when you have turbosmooths that are part of the modeling process (for instance, a turbosmooth under an edit poly that provides final modeling. Wouldn't want to remove that!).

Installation: Simply drag-and-drop onto the Max viewport. The script is found under the "PatJS" category.

Special thanks to PolyHertz for the inspiration for this script

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