UV Boundary Enforcer is a QA tool designed to quickly make sure that all UVs are within bounds on many objects.

Usage: Select the objects you wish to check, and click "Get list from selection". At this point, you no longer need to have any objects selected for the rest of this process. Use the checkboxes and spinner to set appropriate settings (the default boundaries are between 0-1 inclusive, but can be changed with the "Safety margin" option).

Once you're ready to start checking UVs, click "Enforce UV Boundaries". The script will go through all objects in the list until it detects a vertex which is outside of the acceptable range. It will notify you, and if you have checked "Show offending vertex" (this is default behavior) it will open a UV window and select the offending vertex.

Once you have fixed the offending vertex simply click "Enforce UV Boundaries" again, repeating the process until the "Objects to Inspect" list is empty.

If you wish, you can hide objects which have passed inspection by checking "Hide inspected". Unchecking it will unhide any hidden objects in the Inspected list.

Installation: Simply drag-and-drop onto the Max viewport. The script is found under the "PatJS" category.

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